Ningyou Macher's personal site? (Last updated: 2020/05/22)

Nothing to see here at the moment, but I will surely be putting something up in the future thanks to how terrible Eclipse is. I may even start posting my stories on this site.


May 21th

DA implodes a day early as Wix rolls out disasterous Eclipse. A certain DA user with moderate computer skills starts trying to put together a slipshod website.

Yeah, I'm going to try making this into a sort of hub so people don't need to use DA to get to my stuff. I'll still be posting my work on DA for now, but at least this way you can navigate a website designed and built by someone who isn't... I'm not sure. I can't imagine what was wrong with the string of people involved in making Eclipse. My only thought is that by requiring using to click a million times to accomplish what used to be a simple matter of a few clicks and some scrolling, they are increasing their ad revenue.

Status and Future Plans

First off, youch! Seeing everything I have in the works laid out like that gives me a little anxiety attack!

This Site

I'll be filling this in over the next week or so. I'll be starting with this page which just provides info and while I think about potentially expanding it. There are a lot of factors involved, including (but not limited to) my own personal skill at doing something like this.

International Humanoid Robotics Competition (IHRC)


Planning: Done

Writing: Done, though I may go back and add or rewrite sections

Editing: I've already finished a number of passes, but there are a bunch of rough spots so I'm working on another which I'll merge in. Also, before moving onto the next pass (or releasing any more chapters) I need to make a special pass over select sections.

Posted: Chapters 1–3

Next release: Expected sometime this year and it should be the rest of it.

Current editorial passes

I seem to be on track to finish this pass of IHRC by the end of next week, barring something like a death in the family. I'm about a third of the way done with Chapter 5. Maybe a bit more. I should have another third done by tommorrow evening. Or at least I hope. That would then leave the epilogue.

Future editorial work

Robo-Maid Catherine (RMC)


Planning: Chapter 1–4 done, Chapter 5, the last chapter, in progress.

Writing: Chapter 1 written and transcribed

Editing: JaneDoe-2010 has made some progress on a first editorial pass

Married to the Maid (MttM)

A Mistress Maid (AMM)

Replaced by a Human (RbaH)

Replaced by a Robot (RbaR)

Teaching the Princess (TtP)

Contact info

Here are some other ways of getting ahold of me:


For those using Keybase... which I do highly recomend. This may actually be the best way to reach me in the future. I can read and reply to these in a terminal and get email notifications.


Still probably the best way to get in touch with me and check on what I'm doing. For the foreseeable future, this will be the only place my work will be posted.

Personal sub-Reddit

This is meant as a place for people to collectively communicate with me about my work or the general themes found in my work. Also an alternative location for status updates.


Ningyou Macher#4690

Reddit account

For those who want to direct message me but don't want to use Discord or Deviant Art.